Monday, April 29, 2013

Jan Wisbrun Dreher
"Desert Flower Power"
Encaustic on Oxidized Metal
I met Jan this weekend on an artist tour and I felt an immediate connection to her.  Her artwork is beautifully amazing, organic and emotionally powerful.

The desert in spring

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cake, Cake, Cake

for some reason I have been thinking a lot about cake

you know the kind of cake that your mom would make, plain white cake with ultra sweet icing and sprinkles...

and she would put a piece in your lunch box wrapped in saran wrap, and the icing would be all stuck to the plastic but who ever really cared, I know I didn't...

and when the cake got old, and a bit dry well you just stuff it in a glass and pour milk all over it and magically it became moist again.

I am going home tonight and make me a cake!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Scary cabin

I was looking at cabins in Ruidoso, New Mexico and for $80,000 you can buy "Serial Killer Cabin"

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Dia de los Reyes, Day of the Kings

Conventional post-12th century depiction of the Biblical magi (Adoração dos Magos by Vicente Gil). Balthasar, the youngest magian, bears frankincense and represents Africa. To the left stands Caspar, middle-aged, bearing gold and representing Asia. On his knees is Melchior, oldest, bearing myrrh and representing Europe.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Panic Attacks

Wednesday I had a panic attack, and took the day off from work.   I thought I had put coffee in my press but I must have grabbed this can instead.

Thursday when I returned, I realized these are the people I work with.  Really the only difference in gender, see I work with mostly girls.
Friday morning I went in to work and my supervisor said that my desk MUST remain clean and mine was just a huge mess to much clutter she said... books and coffee mugs seem to set her off.
The best part of my day was when I was informed that while I was gone they, meaning the IT department, had found a virus on my computer.  Of course I was blamed because you know I look up porn (blocked) Facebook (blocked) even thisisnthappiness (blocked), by the way that is an ART sight and yes it does contain photographs, a form of art, and yes sometimes the people are naked... OMG!

You know like this...

or this...

But it also contains photographs of...

a raven in flight

amazing advertising...

and just plain fun.
So I ask you why have I been blocked from a ART site that these twits claim is categorized as (pornographic)?  Is the human body not a work of art, did God not create it just like he gave you a brain to use to learn how to do your job?  Obviously the IT brain in my office is throwing out the "there is a gray area when it comes to what people think is porn" card.  I am sure Rodan would disagree! 
I can't stand my job, my boss is a Troll

The rest of the girls seem to find it hard to do 2 things at once and so answering the phone and typing on the computer is just way to much for them.  So I come back from a 15 minute break to find one of the twits freaking out cause she doesn't know where to transfer this phone call and she can't find something and she ran out of water and Joe gave her this paper she has no idea what its for (on the top of it says "Daily Inspection Sheet" and Irene got a delivery of toner, what should she do with that and, and, and... I was gone for less that 15 minutes and this poor girl is having a total melt down, really, I mean these tasks are not that hard, I just want to tell her, "take a deep breath and use your brain, but then I realize that might cross into that gray area that most intelligent humans call free thinking or even, God forbid, creativity.  You know that ability that God gave you, in addition to boobs, to fix things with your brain in a manner befitting a lady. 

  Oh and I have to go to the Troll on Monday and ask for more work so maybe they could give me a raise.  Look into her eyes, could you do it?